General info about Mostar Airport

Mostar1-airport2Mostar Airport is a public airport located in the village of Ortiješ, just outside of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the second busiest airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, right behind the Sarajevo Airport.

Conveniently situated just southeast of Mostar’s railway station, Mostar International Airport offers flights from almost a dozen airlines. The airport is only 5 kilometers from the city center, and a drive to the beach is only one hour.

The airport features approximately 2400 meter of asphalt paved runways. Potential runway expansions are currently in the planning stages, as are other improvements to the airport facility. Passenger traffic has doubled in recent years, and the airport will continue to expand its services and facilities through 2016.

Mostar International is operated by Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA). The airport codes for Mostar International Airport are OMO and LQMO.

For general information about Mostar International Airport, contact by telephone or email:

Tel/Fax: +387 36 350 212
Tel/Fax: +387 36 350 992

The official address of Mostar Airport is:

Ortijes bb, P.O.Box 04
88000 Mostar
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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