Airport car hire Mostar Airport


There are two major transport services that operate from Mostar International Airport, Moj Taxi and Artic Rent a Car.

Moj Taxi

Moj Taxi has been providing airport taxi services from Mostar Airport since October of 2012. They currently have a fleet of over 60 vehicles and are staffed by over 100 employees. Mok Taxi offers 24 hour services to Mostar Airport. All vehicles are equipped with GPS navigational systems and free WI-FI for passengers. Each vehicle also has a baby seat and a pet basket for added convenience.

Moj Taxi customers can call 1503 or send an SMS to 063 1503 00 anytime for a pickup. Arrival and pick-up is free. Taxi fares are 1KM per 1 kilometer. A minimal trip is 3KM per 3 kilometers followed by the standard rate. A waiting charge of 18KM per hour is added if you need a taxi to wait somewhere for you.  All trips over 100 kilometers will include free return fare.

Artic Rent a Car

In addition to taxi services, airport passengers may also take advantage of convenient car rental services. Artic Rent a Car has four locations, including a convenient Mostar Airport location. Passengers can make online reservations through Artic’s website. Their fleet includes a variety of vehicles for all styles and budgets, including cars from Ope, Chevrolet, Renault, and Volkswagon. For added convenience, customers may drop off their rental in a European city that doesn’t have an Artic Rent a Car office. A car rental from Artic starts at just 20 Euros per day (other fees may apply). Weekly and monthly rates are also available.

No matter where you are trying to go, Mostar Airport is conveniently located and features the finest in car rental and airport taxi services. Contact individual transport services to make arrangements.

You can also search for a rental car through comparison websites. A few that we recommend include: